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How to Install TWRP on an Android Phone with the Official TWRP Application.


Android was developed with the Open Access system so it supports users to develop the potential of their Android devices to unlimited limits, including your Android phone. The Android system can be customized in such a way that you can even change the OS from your Android phone. One part that you need to add in your android phone's recovery system is TWRP.

TWRP is an acronym for Team Win Recovery Project. TWRP is the result of developing customization of recovery by several developers who can make it easier for Android users to develop their Android system. By Installing TWRP on your android phone you can customize it more easily. In this regard, the following is how to install TWRP on an Android phone with the Official TWRP Application.

Step 1. Download the TWRP Official Application

Download the Official TWRP application via your mobile. You can download it automatically and without ads on this link. This Official TWRP application supports all brands. Recommended for rooted devices or devices without root. After downloading the extract file then install the official TWRP application like the usual way to install.

Step 2. Official TWRP Application Settings

On the initial display the TWRP official application checks all content agreed upon terms. Then confirm by pressing OK.

Next, please do a backup recovery to back up the original system recovery from your Android phone. After That Choose TWRP FLASH.

On the next page select "selected a device" for and select the type of device on your Android cellphone. Then wait until the file for your device is successfully downloaded.

next select select a file to flash. Then navigate to the location where you placed the file recovery.img. The recovery file in question is a file that is in the TWRF Official Application that you previously downloaded and extracted.

the last step is to confirm all steps by asking Flash to Recovery. If the processor succeeds, the message "Flash Complate Recovery" will appear, ending by pressing the OK button.

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